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Product code: 371142-001
In stock: yes

Price: $295.00


HP 500GB hot-swap dual-port Fiber Channel FATA

  • Model Number(s):
  • Part/Assembly Number(s):371142-001
  • Option/Retail Part Number:
  • Spare Number(s):
  • Compatible with Server Models: HP 344820-B21 EVA3000, model 2C2D-C, 16 x 36 GB (15k rpm) HP 344821-B21 EVA3000, model 2C2D-C, 8 x 72 (10k rpm) HP 344822-B21 EVA3000, model 2C2D-C, 8 x 72 (15k rpm) HP 344823-B21 EVA3000, model 2C2D-C, 8 x 146 GB (10k rpm) HP AD535A EVA3000, model 2C2D-C, 8 x 300 GB (10k rpm) HP 283198-B23 EVA5000 2C6D-C, 60Hz, 42U (Graphite) HP 283198-B24 EVA5000 2C6D-C, 50Hz, 42U (Graphite) HP 283199-B23 EVA5000 2C12D-C, 60Hz, 42U (Graphite) HP 283199-B24 EVA5000 2C12D-C, 50Hz, 42U (Graphite) HP 283263-B23 EVA5000, model 8C8D-C, 60 Hz HP 283263-B24 EVA5000, model 8C8D-C, 50 Hz HP 309620-B23 EVA5000 2C2D-C, 60Hz, 42U (Graphite) HP 309620-B24 EVA5000 2C2D-C, 50Hz, 42U (Graphite
  • Specifications:

    • Hard Drive Capacity : 500GB
    • Generation: Fibre ATA
    • Data Transfer Rate: MB/sec
    • Rotational Speed: 7,200 rpm
    • Form Factor (Drive): 3.5" x 1/3H
    • Interface: FATA; LVD
    • Data Storage Device Type: SAS (Server Attached Storage) device
    • Hard Drive Device Type: Hard drive for server/storage unit (Hot-plug)
    • Height: 1 inch
    • Pin Configuration: 2Gb Fibre Channel
    • Hotswap Tray: Included (Attached)

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